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Aaah, the beautiful game. Here’s something that’s writ large on the English psyche, inspiring passion, joy, tears, conflict and violence. Internationally, we’re as well known for our players – Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney et al – as for the hooligan element that has dogged England matches abroad.

Football was born here. A wild, unruly game played in England in the Middle Ages, the first formal set of rules for Association Football was produced here in 1848. Nine years later, Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club, was born. The Football Association was formed in 1863, and in 1871 the first FA Cup, the oldest football competition in the world, began.

The England team’s victory in the 1966 World Cup final over West Germany was one of the most glorious moments in the country’s sporting history and electrified a generation. We haven’t repeated it since – but there’s always 2010…

Photo: Courtesy of the FA


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Because it is the national game, the national passion and the icon of the country! The worlds number one sport and England is the home of football.

Robert Featherstone

'Beautiful Game'? Players fighting and fouling. Fans hurling bottles and abuse before spilling out into the host town to inflict drunken violence on its citizens. Grown men and women reduced to whimpering imbeciles because the other side put a ball in the back of their net. It might have been a 'beautiful game' once, now it's just a tedious, over-hyped farce. If you've finally grown sick and tired of having this rubbish shoved down your throat week in, week out, vote NO!!
S. Warren

football is my heart and soul it the the biggest sport in the world and i love it
jack baumohl

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I nominate the English weather.