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Freedom of Speech

Comment on Freedom of Speech

This kind of freedom is part of what has made this country great in the past, and has attracted free spirits from all round the world. It is now seriously under threat, both from people in the UK and elsewhere who believe that just because something contradicts their beliefs it is offensive and should not be made public, and also from politicians more concerned with vote-catching than with truth and freedom. This freedom should be protected and promoted as a shining beacon for the whole world. People who grow up learning to value such freedom may become stronger, and less vulnerable to being hurt, when they know they too have the right to respond to spurious criticism. Fighting with words, pictures, evidence, arguments and humour is far better than fighting with weapons and actions that maim and kill --- the favourite resort of those who have closed minds.

Comment on Freedom of Speech posted 2007-02-13 by Aaron Sloman from Birmingham

Comment on Freedom of Speech

so many people value it. We think of it as British (all though of course it isnt just British). It reflects out cultural aspiration, political aspirations perhaps even spiritual aspirations.

Comment on Freedom of Speech posted 2007-02-09 by alison parfitt from Gloucestershire

Comment on Freedom of Speech

I feel that this is an Icon of England although it is part of other countries as well: It has been for some... I only hope that it continues to be part of Englishness or Britishness for years to come...

Comment on Freedom of Speech posted 2006-12-26 by Adam Winup from Poole, Dorset

Comment on Freedom of Speech

It is an Englishman`s birthright.

Comment on Freedom of Speech posted 2006-12-14 by Geoffrey Ware from Lincoln

Comment on Freedom of Speech

The concept of Freedom of Speech implies its own acceptance and that of hunting to be accepted as an English icon, and not for it to be changed to such nonsense as "Hunting and the Ban" by a load of "politically-correct" control-freaking Stalinist creeps such as the department that manages this site.

Comment on Freedom of Speech posted 2006-12-09 by G. Delrez from London