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"Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead

This car park is a valuable example of a key period in 20th century architecture. It and buildings like it are not solely responsible for the decline of our town centres; there are broader socio-political and cultural issues to consider. The building is admittedly in a poor state after decades of deliberate underinvestment (a depressingly familiar state of affairs) but is, and always has been, an important part of a fine cityscape, and I know as I lived there for five years. And what will replace it? Tesco stores fall into two camps - crude neo-vernacular and identi-kit faceless modular modern. What is more important to Gateshead is what happens near ground level in the precinct - a mix of shops, some vibrancy - good lighting, landscaping and planting, none of which Tesco are likely to provide. Why could a refurbished car park not sit atop something like this? Instead we will see yet more bland flats full of people who commute into Newcastle every day and a supermarket owned by a huge corporation with no local ties. As for the new additions to the Quayside - the flats around the Baltic are an architectural disaster and it seems that the Sage turns its not inconsiderable behind directly in Gateshead's direction. This debate has been raging for at least fifteen years and I feel that sadly the car park's time has come - mark my words, it will be missed.

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead posted 2007-11-14 by Simon Redman from Cambridge

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead

For years the people of Gateshead have had to live with this eyesore in our midst and I for one am thankful that it is finally going to disappear. This area is in dire need of rejuvenation as most Gateshead residents currently feel unsafe in the town centre.

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead posted 2007-09-27 by Claire from Gateshead

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead

It is a landmark structure in Gateshead, a fine example of Owen Luder's 'brutalist' architecture, and recognised the world over for its starring role in the movie 'Get Carter'. Sadly, Gateshead Council want it demolished - to build a car park and a Tesco! Gateshead isn't so stuffed full of interesting buildings by significant architects it can afford to lose this one. Luder was a President of the RIBA and his work was ahead of its time and at the moment is undervalued. A car park is surely a quintessential twentieth century building. The car park featured on the recent BBC series 'Demolition' and Kevin McLeod came out in its favour, and those who had nominated it changed their minds and thought that it should be retained! Both the Twentieth Century Society and SAVE Britain's Heritage want to see it retained - so why is Gateshead hell bent of its destruction?

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead posted 2007-02-20 by Evelyn Cook from Northumberland

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead

Anyone who lives within seeing distance will tell you it is an eyesore and a monstrosity, please pull it down now

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead posted 2007-01-12 by Michael from Gateshead

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead

As an obsessive Get Carter fan, you'd think I'd fight tooth and nail to save this glorious monstrosity. It was central to my hunt for the movie locations and would miss it should it go the way that so much bold 60's architecture has. However, for me it's far more important what the people of Gateshead think, it's their town, their home not mine. It's a pity though that things didn't work out for the structure - I'd loved to have had my dinner up there, with the amazing views over Newcastle. I love the way that when stood on the Millenium Bridge, the car park looms over the shoulder of the Sage as if to say "Oi! I'm still standing. And I'm bigger than you.." Oh well, it's a big car park but it's in bad shape I suppose. Icon? Definately.

Comment on "Get Carter" Car Park, Gateshead posted 2007-01-12 by Stephen Dale from Douglas, Isle of Man