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Grange Hill

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Grange Hill

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Grange Hill

It all began in 1978 (yes, you really are that old), when BBC1 aired the first series of what was to be a ground-breaking new drama strand for teenagers. Created by Phil Redmond, Grange Hill was set in a north London comprehensive, and immediately established itself as being a world away from the old-school ethos of wizard wheezes and comical pranks (though it isn’t above the odd prank when it feels like it).

Garlanded with BAFTA awards from their earliest days, the storylines grew more and more bold in the issues they chose to confront. Bullying, racism, pregnancy, mental health issues, drug dependency: all have featured in the plots of GH and provided it with some of its most arresting moments. Who can forget Zammo’s near-death experience on heroin from 1986?

The series has made the careers of some fine junior actors over the years, seemingly having stocked half the cast of EastEnders in its early days, and even featuring – we kid you not – a very young Naomi Campbell.

The 2007 series of Grange Hill will be its thirtieth season.

Photo: Phil Sherry


Your comments

Because for 30 years most children have grown up with this show - and many adults still talk about it. It has provided a great window on the world for children, sometimes on subjects that they have found difficult to get information on from thier parents like drugs and teenage pregnancy. It has also always been a good way for children to discover that whatever they are going through in life, they are not alone as the programme often portrays situations common to most children.

P Pritchard

My brother was in such a rush to get home to watch Grange Hill in 1980 that he was hit by a car getting off the bus from his Technical College. He was 17. Then we had a power cut. I remember it well.
Lia Richardson



My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry