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half-timbered houses

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half-timbered houses

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half-timbered houses

England in medieval times had ample recources to build half-timbered houses. Extensive oak forests provided wood that was strong and long-lasting. So long-lasting in fact that some half-timbered buildings in England are still standing, although the oak that was used is black with age and often split. The houses had a timber framework, with the spaces between filled with wattle and daub, brick or rubble, before being plastered. You can see these lovely buildings, with their black timber and white plasterwork in many parts of England, but one of the best examples is Little Moreton Hall in Congleton, Cheshire, which was built in the mid-1400s. Half-timbered buildings weren’t exclusive to England. They were also built in France, Germany, Canada and ancient Japan. The principles of half-timber construction – now called timber framing – are enjoying a revival these days, particularly for self-build homes.


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Half-timbered houses, and our painstaking care of them, are something we should be proud of. If you showed a photo of a classic "magpie" building to almost anyone in the world they would guess it came from England. They are elegant, practical and most definitely iconic! I also think this is an important inclusion as it is a particular characteristic of Cheshire which is often overlooked.

Lucy Jones

Having lived in a medieval town nearly all my life i can say i whole heartedly agree with the half timber house's nomination. Shrewsbury, the town where i was brought up is filled with these buildings and you really feel a sense of history when you walk amongst them. They are full of character and age and mystery.
Lucy Greenhalgh

Half timbered houses evoke the English countryside and Shakespear
Celia Mindelsohn

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye