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Knotted handkerchiefs on the beach

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Knotted handkerchiefs on the beach

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Knotted handkerchiefs on the beach

It's very easy in theory to spot the male British tourist on any beach anywhere in the world. He's the one wearing the DIY headgear in the form of a knotted handkerchief. Although we may be more used to seeing it in old Monty Python or Benny Hill shows than in reality, the hankie worn on the head has a long and dignified history (no, really!). If you were a member of a working-class family enjoying the relative luxury of a seaside holiday in the cash-starved years after the war, how else would you keep the sun off your head? Tying a knot in each corner of your hankie was the perfect solution if you had no soft hat to resort to. The question is: why is it only us who go in for this practice?

Image: TopFoto.co.uk


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I have never known any other country sport this 'fashion'

Becky Swift

I used one this week in my garden.....!!!
Bernard Edwards

This defines the Brit on holiday. One need not ask his country of origin as this is the ultimate statement of being British. Often accompanied by light coloured socks and sandals with a hint of lobster on the back and legs.
Paul Cosh

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye