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The progressive rock band Hawkwind have now clocked up 37 years in the music business, and are still defying the encroaching years with gigs, record releases and a regularly updated website. Live appearances in London in the run-up to Christmas 2005 were accompanied by the expected mind-blowing lighting effects, and a new troupe of what the website called “surrealistic dancers”. Only one member of the current line-up was there at the formation of Hawkwind Zoo (as they were then known) in 1969, singer and guitarist Dave Brock. Since then, the band has been regenerated through the eras, a little after the fashion of Dr Who. They were one of the pioneers of space rock, a sci fi-influenced approach that involved whooshing synthesisers and lyrics about intergalactic spacecraft. Non-aficionados with memories as long as certain members of the Icons team will recall their one big chart hit, “Silver Machine”, with affection. With vocals by Lemmy (who went on to form Motorhead), surrealistic dancing by Stacia, and oodles of whooshing synthesiser, it got to number 3 in the singles chart in August 1972.


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On the go for over 30 years, this essentially British rock band have ploughed their own furrow for comparatively little financial gain, they are a true national treasure.

Gerry Doyle

If anyband spawns one member to create one of the loudest bands ever (Motorhead ;p) then hell yeah they're an icon. Oh and Terry Ollis went on to become a caretaker for my school!!! I'm not lying at all. I talk to him regularly about Hawkwind. Thank you for believing me if you did. if you didn't...your loss... Go Hawkwind!
Terry Fan

Dave Brock for an MBE anybody!
Sean ODonnell

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I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England