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Henley Royal Regatta

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Henley Royal Regatta

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Henley Royal Regatta

An important date in any socialite's calendar, the Henley Royal Regatta, costing £1.8m a year to run, takes place over five days along the river Thames west of London.

First held in 1839, the regatta has drawn crowds to the area year on year except during the two World Wars. In the early years a fair proved an added attraction.

Royal patronage came with HRH Prince Albert and each Monarch since has consented to be a Patron.

It is a particularly independent and 'English' affair, not being subject to anyone else's rules of rowing but its own. However, it is officially recognised by the International Rowing Federation. Just two boats compete in knock-out races over a course just over one mile in length, which means there is much excitement for the crowds who attend!


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For more than 100 years races have been rowed here in what remains a quintessentially English summer sporting event - an Edwardian garden party!

Geoffrey Norman

Quintessentially English, it promotes amateur participation while concentrating on the traditional English pastimes of overeating, drinking warm Pimms and reinforcing the class differences on which this great country has been built. And this must all be done while wearing clothes which have to pass the scrutiny of of petty, small-minded, nit-picking officials who are jealous that they have to stay sober while others get out of their heads and who therefore ban beautiful, exquisitely dressed women while welcoming overweight, chinless buffoons wearing poorly fitting school uniforms which should long ago have been consigned to bonfire or skip. I love it!
Les Sutcliffe



My nomination is the garden shed.