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Highbury Stadium

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Highbury Stadium

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Highbury Stadium

This is a poignant moment to be celebrating the Highbury stadium, home of Arsenal football club, as the summer of 2006 saw the team’s long-awaited transfer to the new Emirates Stadium at Ashburton Grove, N7. Moving house always summons up fond and nostalgic memories of the old place, which to generations of Gunners supporters since its inauguration in 1913 has been The Home of Football, the only football ground to have a London Underground station named after it.

Highbury inaugurated a century of success in 1913 by witnessing a 2-1 Arsenal victory over a Leicester side, and hosted its final League fixture on 7 May 2006, a 4-2 win against Wigan Athletic. Despite its relatively small pitch and limited capacity, the atmosphere on match days was reliably electric, with 12,500 fans roaring their support from the fabled North Bank (redesigned as an all-seater section in 1992). The farewell to Highbury has seen the land redeveloped for 700 flats, although the distinguished Art Deco East and West stand façades, being Grade II-listed, will be retained – as is only fitting for an icon of England.

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Arsenal Football Club


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One of the most famous and, probably the most architecturally superior of all football stadia around the world. Epitomises the English love of the game that England introduced to the world...and is nicknamed THOF...The home of football.


I have great memories of Highbury Stadium spanning over 30 years beginning with entering the 'Famous' North Bank via the 'Green Door' through the Schoolboys entrance for a mere 50 pence!!!! I have enjoyed many great highs & obviously the odd low at North London's home of football, but for me the 88/89 season when we turned a big corner was especially special. RIP - the memories live on...........
Mick Doherty

you will be sadly missed 1913-2006 RIP
cheshunt loyal

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I nominate the English weather.