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Hitchcock movies

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Hitchcock movies

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Hitchcock movies

The renowned director of Psycho and The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock began his career in cinema during the infancy of the British film industry. He started work in 1920 at Lasky Studios in London as a title designer, responsible for the credits and captions that punctuate silent films. His break came when the director of Always Tell Your Wife fell ill and he stepped in. After moving to Gainsborough Studios at its inception, Hitchcock made the silent film The Lodger in 1926. It displays a number of his trademarks: the innocent man wrongly accused, the blonde siren, a cameo appearance by Hitchcock himself, a climactic chase sequence and stylistic flourishes such as a ceiling that becomes transparent, revealing an anguished man pacing above.

He embraced the new technology of sound in Blackmail (1929), using music and sound effects in an expressionistic way to heighten tension. The success of his thrillers The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Lady Vanishes and The 39 Steps brought him to the attention of Hollywood, and while he was always an innovator, he never lost touch with the peculiarly English mixture of Victorian melodrama and psychological realism that mark his early films.


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Hitchcock's suspense movies are very English and have never been bettered.

peter mueller

How can this be an icon of England, most of his movies were made in the US



My nomination is the garden shed.