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The Hovercraft

Comment on The Hovercraft

I sailed on the cross-channel hovercraft with a window seat to enjoy the view. Of course the spray blocked everything! My wife, who is Spanish, never understood my interest in hovercrafts, indeed she had never heard of them and couldn't understand why one would invent them, or build them, or use them. Then we went to the Isle of Wight to a friend's house next to Ryde and saw it. The sight of it whizzing across the sand and onto the sea had her hooked. Now she has started a business offering hovercraft rides in Scotland - www.hovercraftscotland.com A British icon that has won over a Spaniard!

Comment on The Hovercraft posted 2007-12-17 by Colin MacKinnon from Glasgow

Comment on The Hovercraft

I remember when I was at school in Peterborough,Cambridgeshire, looking out of the window, I could see the water filled pits from which clay for the local brick making industry was excavated. I saw a flash of white going backwards and forwards across the water, as soon a school was over, I cycled down to the pit as fast as I could to find out what it was. I soon learnt this was a hovercraft, this particular one being a HoverHawk from HoverAir based 6 miles up the road, and building the worlds first production small hovercraft. I soon got to know all the test crew and before long they were giving me rides in the craft, and it was fantastic, so fantastic in fact, that that was 1971 and my interest still holds firm now in 2006. By coincidence I also found out I was born on the same day the first hovercraft crossed the English Channel 25th July 1959.

Comment on The Hovercraft posted 2006-11-19 by Greg Briers from Peterborough, UK

Hovercraft, Once Vehicles of the Future

I was a child when I first saw a hovercraft leave the sea and roar up a beach at Southsea UK, then come to a standstill and deflate. They really did seem like the vehicles of the future. A number of years later I got to see a giant car-carrying SRN4 at Ramsgate. Once again the sight of such a large craft travelling so fast over sea or land inspired me. Even as an adult I am still fascinated by these remarkable craft. Unfortunately the majestic SRN4?s no longer operate. However there are still remarkable hovercraft operating between Southsea and the Isle of Wight. To the pleasure of the locals they now have diesel engines and no longer make so much noise. I must say that I do just miss that roar of the original Gas Turbine (aircraft type) engines just a little.

Comment on The Hovercraft posted 2006-10-29 by Malcolm Oliver from London

Comment on The Hovercraft

I remember when this type of craft was being tested regularly with flights to the Isle of Wight. One pilot a Royal Marines SBS Officer was convinced it could be turned over and was determined to try to do just that. What's more he succeeded. I often wonder if anyone else managed this feat?

Comment on The Hovercraft posted 2006-07-03 by Thomas Crosbie from Formby, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Comment on The Hovercraft

I remember standing and watching in awe as the giant hovercraft started up. A flame shot out of the back each time one of the four engines started. And somehow, as if by magic, this huge monstrosity lifted itself off the ground and began to float over it! You could hear it from miles away - there was no mistaking its thunderous roar. Right up until the day it stopped, it was still the fastest way to cross the channel...

Comment on The Hovercraft posted 2006-01-27 by Nick March from Folkestone

Comment on The Hovercraft

Hoverspeed made the trip to France both fast and exciting - the new catamarans don't have the same romance, even if they are more comfortable.

Comment on The Hovercraft posted 2006-01-26 by William Hughes from Trowbridge, Wiltshire