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Beach Huts

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Beach Huts

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Beach Huts

Alan and Valerie Day know the value of the English beach hut. They hit the headlines in January 2006 when they missed the 2005/06 New Year celebrations to queue in freezing temperatures for the lease on a beach hut in Christchurch, Dorset.

There are plenty who share their enthusiam. The costs for a wooden hut, positioned on sand, pebbles or promenade and tantalisingly close to the sea, have rocketed in recent years. According to www.beach-huts.co.uk, a site devoted to the sale and rent of these little treasures, prices in Mudeford, Dorset peaked at around £160,000 in 2004, falling back to about £80,000 the following year.

Beach huts sprang from the Edwardians and were used as a place to change and hang clothing before a dip - but their origins are in the wheeled huts or bathing machines popularised by Queen Victoria. Local authorities have built many huts and these are particularly common in the south of England.

Photo: Maria Gibbs


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Who else would put up with such basic amenities just to enjoy the seaside?

Bill du Cann

as beach huts are so expensive you may with to consider renting one....

Beach huts actually have a much longer history because they developed from bathing machines which were first seen on our shores from the 1730s. Like the seaside itself, they were invented by the English and then became popular at resorts around the world.
Kathryn Ferry

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My nomination is the garden shed.