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Iron Railings

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Iron Railings

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Iron Railings

Those wonderful cast-iron railings that still adorn the frontages of some Victorian and Edwardian urban properties. Sadly, many were removed in the 1940s to aid the war effort. How wonderful they look now, freshly painted black with gold tops.

Michael Holland


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There are rows of town houses all over England that look dowdy and incomplete. This is mostly due to the lack of railings that once adorned and improved the facades. A restoration of these simple devices with matching gates would much improve a row of terraced homes. Government is responsible for removing them and so government should help to restore them. A 60% grant for home improvements in this area would improve town houses, particularly in conservation areas.
Jan Singer

The one's that were cut down to "aid the war effort" were all dumped in landfill because they weren't needed. As was all the other ironmongery collected for that purpose. I'll agree the railings look beautiful, but the missing ones are a sad testimony to politicians' cant.
Martin O'London

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry