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James Bond

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James Bond

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James Bond

2006 sees the release of the twenty-first James Bond film, a remake of the first ever Bond story from the 1950s, Casino Royale, with a brand-new actor, Daniel Craig, playing cinema’s best-loved secret agent, 007. The brainchild of Ian Fleming, Bond was named after the author of an obscure reference book, The Birds of the West Indies, but there any resemblance to a dotty ornithologist ends. Variously portrayed by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan over the years, Bond wrote the book on debonair suavity, famously taking his vodka martinis shaken not stirred, repeatedly defeating attempts at world domination, and of course always getting (and giving up) the girl. While licensed to kill in the course of his duties, he is also at heart a particularly English kind of old smoothie, chivalrous as well as ruthless, and with a sense of humour as dry as those martinis. Everybody has their favourite Bond, with Connery usually topping the polls, and Lazenby’s single outing in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service the dark horse. And the winning formula looks set to keep on winning. The last Bond movie, 2002’s Die Another Day, grossed the highest receipts of any so far: a cool £300m worldwide.

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The British spy. The person that all young boys want to be when they grow up. A true British icon. Need I say more........!

Dan Parsons

Evidence that he is an English icon can be found in the film Goldeneye. At the start of the film, 006 says "For England, James" to 007 and Bond replies "For England". He doesn't say "For Scotland" or "For Britain".

The original character of James Bond was English. Fleming only created a Scottish backstory after being impressed with Connery's portrayal of the role. Due to many of his quintisential characteristics, he is more synonymopus with England than the other parts of the British Isles, thereby making him an English Icon.

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My nomination is the garden shed.