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Comment on Jeeves

The stories of P. G. wodehouse encapsulate much of English life. Enjoy the tall tales of pub life from Mr. Mulliner and his endless stream of relatives and acquaintances. Become trapped by the bore at the golf club as he tells romantic tales where golf brings two young hearts together. Listen to the eloquence of Jeeves whilst explaining to his superior (in terms of the class system), Bertram Wooster, his latest scheme for extricating the youg man about town from his latest ill-matched betrothal.

Comment on Jeeves posted 2006-12-15 by Jacob Busby from Southampton

Jeeves is alive and well, thanks to P.G. Wodehouse

Wouldn't we all like to have a "Jeeves" in our life? He has brilliant solutions to all our problems. He takes care of us and makes us look good. He occasionally takes us to task, but for our own benefit. Good show!

Comment on Jeeves posted 2006-09-02 by Sue Fahey from Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Comment on Jeeves

Although I'm not english i think that Jeeves is the incarnation of all things english. His character and the stories about him give an incite to the english reality

Comment on Jeeves posted 2006-03-10 by Svetoslav Iliev from Sofia, Bulgaria

Comment on Jeeves

this famous character created by P. G. Wodehouse has impressed us by his wit and has made us laugh many times, together with his master Bertie Wooster

Comment on Jeeves posted 2006-02-20 by Johann G. Lohmann from Bremen, Germany