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Jellied Eels

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Jellied Eels

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Jellied Eels

When David Beckham moved to Real Madrid in 2003, what was it about England he admitted to missing the most? The clothes shops? The hairdressers? No — it was good old jellied eels. This dish — as symbolic of London’s East End as Pearly Kings and Queens — has been around since the 18th century. It consists of fresh eel slices, boiled in herbs and vinegar and served in their own jelly, usually with mashed potato and peas. East London used to boast scores of jellied eel and pie and mash shops, and although most did not survive into this century, a few are still going. Jellied eels can still be bought from fish stalls in some English seaside resorts. Most of England’s domestic eel catch, however, is exported to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Photo: Courtesy thefishsociety.co.uk


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Gor blimey mate - life in England wouldn't be the same without a lovely plate of jellied eels by the seaside!

Lynn Sharpe

You're right jellied eels are god's gift to the East End, however as a born and bred East Ender (Bethnal Green) I have never seen eels served with peas as described in your article.
Mick Curran

Although a true Yorkshireman, I was engaged to a real cockney girl and her Mum was a jellies champion (17 bowls in one sitting!) Many's the time I've spent Sunday lunch in an east end pub. 4 pints of bitter, jellied eels and crisps with pickled eggs. Then home for a roast dinner and afternoon in front of the telly

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My nomination is the garden shed.