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judges' robes and wigs

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judges' robes and wigs

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judges' robes and wigs

The dress of judges and barristers sets them apart, and confers a certain dignity on an old profession – but its origins lie in fashion. Long tunics were popular among men until the mid-1300s and wigs were de rigueur in the 18th century – so lawyers wore them as a matter of course. But when they went out of fashion, the legal eagles held on to them.

The wigs, made of horsehair, remain and although the tunics have changed, gowns are still a staple part of a barrister's or judge’s wardrobe.

But the times are changing and it’s uncertain how long this traditional form of dress will be around. The Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, has been consulting over its future and a survey of the public and court users revealed more than 60% were in favour of court dress being modified in some way. Watch this space…


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i simply think that the image of a judge in court in the red, black and white robes with the wigs conjures up an image of england and british law

yvonne healan



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer