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Lambeth Walk

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Lambeth Walk

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Lambeth Walk

“Any time you're Lambeth way,
Any evening, any day,
You'll find us all
Doin' the Lambeth Walk.”

This jaunty song is from the 1937 musical 'Me and My Girl' which accompanies the dance known as the Lambeth Walk. It’s a simple set of moves, mainly consisting of walking steps, linking arms with your partner and ending the phrase by giving a Cockney salute, along with a shout of “oi!” Lambeth Walk itself is a road in London, once famous for its bustling street market. In the 1920s you could have filled your shopping basket for less than 10 shillings and the shops stayed open until 9pm. The streets were full of life at any time of day. Four pubs on this one street alone might have helped the mood! The area as poor but cheerful, a strong community where people helped each other out. Unfortunately, the area was badly hit by bombs during the second world war and with the series of unsuccessful redevelopments that followed, it never regained the sense of exuberant life, pride and community immortalised in the song.


Your comments

lambeth walk is the subject of an old london song & was one of the original old london street markets with old coster mongers selling their wares,having lived there all my childhood it is greatly missed as it was by all that knew it as was,especially the pearlie kings & queens-now that was old london.

g richardson

I live on Lambeth Walk and it's a desolate, miserable stretch that is now a symbol of terrible post-war decision-making by the local council's planning department. Funnily enough, bad post-war planning is also an English icon so let's have Lambeth Walk in for both reasons!
T Norris



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer