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Land's End Signpost

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Land's End Signpost

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Land's End Signpost

Long before the honeymoon in Mauritius became an unremarkable feature of tourist travel, an arduous journey to far-flung parts could well mean a drive to Land’s End. The westernmost tip of Cornwall is a must-do destination for those who want to feel they have explored every last corner of the nation. In recent years, an amusement complex has been constructed, but at one time, practically all there was to delight the intrepid traveller – apart from the Atlantic’s rolling billows – was a signpost. On payment of a ticket-price, you can have your home town, with the correct number of miles’ distance from the spot, put up on the fingerpost behind you. Generations of fun-lovers have thus had their pictures taken in a location that is nine miles from Penzance and 3,147 miles from New York City. Amid the pasty parlours and burger bars, the signpost is a memento of an age when a geographical fact could be (almost) as entertaining as a white-knuckle fairground ride.


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It marks the distance from England and... everywhere

Paolo Borgognone

Andy Quantick...It's a small island and life is short...lighten up! Does it really matter?
Barry Chapple

the signpost is and always has been a private photographic business since its concept during the late 1940s. Owned by an extremely reputable company. A family business in fact. Anyone who hasnt received a photo taken at the signpost can be assured of a genuine error somewhere along the line, and this can be rectified by phoning Penzance (01736) 365222, Courtwood Film Services. Quote the year and date of photo plus details of wording on signpost and number of people, and the photo will be sent.
barry chapple

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry