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Laura Ashley design

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Laura Ashley design

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Laura Ashley design

If a design is said to be "very Laura Ashley", it immediately conjures up images of floral-patterned dresses and curtains, evocative of English Edwardian and Victorian styles. In fact, the creator of this oh-so-English style was Welsh — born in Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales, in 1925. She and husband Bernard set up a soft furnishings company in 1953, using 19th-century patterns as their blueprint. After extending her designs to women’s fashion, they opened their first shop in Kensington in 1967.

The company Laura Ashley Ltd was created in 1968, and its nostalgically styled designs – especially its high-necked blouses and floral skirts — became synonymous with a style that steadfastly refused to match any prevailing trends. In 1985, by the time of Laura Ashley's death in a fall, her company owned 11 factories in Europe and America, and 225 shops worldwide.


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Whether patterns for wallpaper or for the typical English frock, these prints are a touch of the English floral garden.

Beverly Preston

From the 70's when I was 20+; to date I've been able to find separates, dresses, jackets & coats in natural fabrics & fashionable styles at Laura Ashley for all occasions. Sadly in the past year or so there are fewer fashion outlets and those that can be found, contain fewer natural fabrics. Also the design of prints, which were part of the hallmark reputation are inferior and poorly researched.
Linda McCulloch

As your summary points out, Laura Ashley was Welsh. Surely a Welsh Icon then?
Derek Sinclair

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I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England