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Lincolnshire Sausage

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Lincolnshire Sausage

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Lincolnshire Sausage

Who would have thought that a centuries-old food, comprised of British pork, breadcrumbs, sage, seasonings and natural hog casings, would become the subject of a parliamentary motion? In 2005, Lincolnshire butchers, affronted by the quality of sausages made outside the county but still given its name, launched a campaign to give the bangers the same protected status under EU law — Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) — as Champagne, Parma ham, Stilton cheese and Jersey potatoes. This would prevent copycat production of Lincolnshire sausages, and make it illegal for butchers from outside the county to pass-off their sausages as Lincolnshires. In October 2005, Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh tabled a motion in the Commons, calling for EU backing, and TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright has also supported the campaign.

Photo: Matt Rutherford


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A proper Lincolnshire Sausage made to the traditional specification that was developed in the County hundreds of years ago is a top quality product and has every right to share the same status as Parma Ham and Champagne.

Steve Ward

The Lincolnshire Sausage association has know been formed. there is also a website www.lincs-sausage-association.co.uk where you can keep up to date with all thats been happening.
George Adams



I nominate the English weather.