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Heathrow Airport

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Heathrow Airport

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Heathrow Airport

It may be the busiest international airport in the world, with around 67 million passengers a year, 68,000 employees and a network of around 186 destinations – but it wasn’t always so. When the Ministry of Civil Aviation took over the small airfield in 1946, there was a single runway, and the terminal building was an army surplus tent located a short walk away from the aircraft.

Heathrow took its name from the village of Heath Row that was cleared to make way for the airport. It grew quickly, getting its first proper terminal building in the early fifties. By 1968 there were three terminals, and Terminal 4 – home of the newly privatised British Airways – was added in 1986.

When the airport’s fifth terminal opens in 2008, it’s expected that Heathrow will attract around 90 million passengers a year, and both Terminal 3 and Terminal 5 will house the new Airbus A380 ‘superjumbo’. Environmentalists continue to argue against Heathrow’s expansion, while others are already lobbying for further development.

Photo: © BAA plc


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It's the busiest airport in the world. It's also where many of our tourists enter England.


It sums up the SE of England, (which is the gateway to and from England from most people) ie it's crowded, drab, unfriendly, noisy, overpriced and thoroughly refreshing to leave behind
Alf Alderson

It is the gateway to Britain and often the first place foreigners see. For many British citizens a place where they know they are "home". It is as, as the airport itself says "the worlds airport" where the world meets, it is a major contributor to the British economy and the worlds busiest international airport. It serves the greatest city in the world. Despite its ramshackle layout and overcrowding we should all be very proud of it.
Nick Bradfield

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My nomination is the garden shed.