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Heathrow Airport

Comment on Heathrow Airport

It sums up the SE of England, (which is the gateway to and from England from most people) ie it's crowded, drab, unfriendly, noisy, overpriced and thoroughly refreshing to leave behind

Comment on Heathrow Airport posted 2006-10-05 by Alf Alderson from Pembrokeshire

Comment on Heathrow Airport

It is the gateway to Britain and often the first place foreigners see. For many British citizens a place where they know they are "home". It is as, as the airport itself says "the worlds airport" where the world meets, it is a major contributor to the British economy and the worlds busiest international airport. It serves the greatest city in the world. Despite its ramshackle layout and overcrowding we should all be very proud of it.

Comment on Heathrow Airport posted 2006-06-08 by Nick Bradfield from London