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Mary Rose

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Mary Rose

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Mary Rose

Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose, which can be seen today in Portsmouth, is the only 16th century warship on display in the world. Built in 1509-11, she had a long naval career, successfully fighting in several battles, before toppling over and sinking, off Portsmouth in 1545. All but 35 of her crew of 415 drowned in the disaster, whose cause seems to have been a recent refitting with new guns, making her too top-heavy.

The rough location of the wreck was known and in the late 1960s, marine archaeologists set out to find her. Following her rediscovery, she was raised from the sea bed in October 1982. The Mary Rose is still in the process of preservation, as her timbers are constantly sprayed with a type of wax called polyetheline glycol.

A vast amount of artefacts were found with the wreck, including longbows, guns, gaming boards, lanterns, musical instruments, and the remains of around half the crew. All these finds help us build up a detailed picture of life at sea on a Tudor warship.


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Because of its historical relevance with Henry Vlll

Mike Kelly

This is over 19000 historical pieces, not just a ship. A whole existance was rescued and its an amazing insight into the 16th century. And something the British as a nation should hold dear.
marcus charman



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer