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Milk Floats

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Milk Floats

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Milk Floats

The humble electric milk float must be one of the most considerate vehicles ever designed. Not only are they pollution free as they glide around during the early hours, but the very reason for their quietness of operation is to make sure nobody gets woken up. Usually the only evidence that they exist at all is the appearance of a pint of milk on the doorstep each morning. Built for reliability, durability and stealth, they are virtually indestructible – many dating from the 1960s are still in use today. Through the decades, the milk float has featured in several songs, with The Jam and David Bowie both mentioning the vehicle. (Benny Hill’s Earnie actually refers to a horse drawn milk cart). There was even a 1980s Hull band called ‘Death by Milk Float’! Unfortunately, the increased number of supermarkets has meant that most people now buy their milk instead of having it delivered. So vote for the milk float before it’s too late!


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because we all grew up with them and its quite sad to see them dissapearing

Lee Eaton

Sustainabillity, look at the huge numbers of cars outside any supermarket, when the oil runs low, how are we going to get our shopping?? By float I hope, these machines use tiny amounts of power as compaired to a stampeed of cars.
Clive Burke

On the contrary Matthew Walker. Have you tried your morning cuppa with funny foreign sterilised stuff? (or maybe you are one of those mad people who has been persuaded that for 2.50 a Frappuccino in a paper bucket grabbed in a hurry on your way to work is a good idea). What about cornflakes, or blue tits pecking at the foil, or custard (an ironic travesty as the French "creme Anglaise" is rather yummy and far removed from the coloured cornflour sauce we pour on our blackberry and apple pie or treacle sponge, but that's England for you). Sure you can buy milk from the supermarket and indeed I do but do you really get milkfloats anywhere else in the world?
Ian Thomson

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry