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Mini Moke

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Mini Moke

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Mini Moke

This curious piece of motoring history — now a much-loved collector’s item — was originally designed for the British Army. Rejected for military use, the roofless, doorless jeep-like Mini Moke instead became the ultimate fun vehicle.

Sir Alec Issigonis designed the first prototype in 1959, with production starting in 1964 at BMC’s Longbridge plant in Birmingham. In 1968, manufacture of the Moke was switched to the company’s factory in Sydney, where it remained  until 1983, after which British Leyland and then Austin Rover continued production in Portugal. Fifty thousand Mokes rolled off the various lines until the last one was made in 1992. An enduringly popular Mini Moke myth was that you could buy them in kit form.


Your comments

The Mini Moke optimised the eccentricity of the English to design an open sided Mini in our weather and climate. However the car was made more iconic by being used at a taxi in the cult TV series The Prisoner. No doubt many of you would have hired one on your travels abroad? I have owned one and had great fun with it and was a head turner everytime I drove it around the streets of London.

Mark J Nagle

Just watch the reaction from everyone when they see one of these iconic motors! Of course, it's an icon!
Geoff Ingram



I nominate the English weather.