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Mint Sauce

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Mint Sauce

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Mint Sauce

If you compiled a list of "what the Romans did for us", then you’d have to include this sauce that’s accompanied virtually every portion of roast lamb ever served in Britain. It has to be said that a mixture of dried mint and vinegar remains a stubbornly English taste, and not one our present-day European partners have yet taken to. That said, the Romans were prolific growers and users of herbs — many of which they introduced to these shores — including thyme, bay, basil and savoury mint.

Historians believe the Romans used spices in large quantities to disguise the taste of food made rancid through long storage, or to make sure that their dinner guests knew that no expense had been spared in the preparation of their food. Walkers recently introduced Roast Lamb and Mint Sauce flavour crisps into their range — a long way from those Roman origins, but a tantalising hint of a proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings.


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sunday dinner wouldnt be the same without it


DRIED mint !!!! It's not proper mint sauce unless it's made using freshly-chopped REAL mint leaves.
Phil Rowley

It is a traditional English sauce
Bryan Brown

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry