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The Mirror Dinghy

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy

I helped my brother build one about 40 years ago, now I am expecting a grand-daughter and would like her to experience the elation and fun that we all experienced.

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy posted 2008-03-14 by Sue Collins from Notts/East Lothian

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy

The Mirror dinghy probably reflects (excuse the pun) the expansion in leisure activities, post war, more than any other product. Suddenly the elite world of sailing was open to the masses, 100 of thousands if not millions must have sailed a Mirror. Without this ubiquitous craft the majority would not have experienced the sport. Personally, coming from a non sailing family, it was the Mirror that got me hooked. Forty years since its launch the design has stood the test of time, and is still popular as ever. Despite many attempts no one has bettered the design to produce a small lightweight dinghy that is roomy, seaworthy and a delight to sail.

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy posted 2007-07-16 by Dave Meeken from Wales

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy

The Mirror Dinghy truly revolutionised the concept of sailing for the masses. It built upon the then burgeoning DIY movement and created the first really easily accessable (cost and construction) means for people to aquire a boat. The cost was litterally 2/3rds of any of the competition (dear old Heron and Gull dinghies) both for the kit (which sold in tens of thousands) and completed boats. The boat itself was of revolutionary design - its performance, light weight, economy of materials, comfort (for size) and versatility are frankly unequalled in any other craft even now. It is the sailing equivelent of the Mini and for that reason is unlikely to ever be removed from its iconic possition in sailing and mass leisure activities

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy posted 2007-02-14 by Chris Yardley from Cromer

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy

Promoted in the 1960's by the Daily Mirror as a cheap, DIY boat, the Mirror was the dinghy for every man (and woman). It has continued to develop and can now be constructed from modern materials, (but the wooden one are best).It is a real, three sail boat in miniature.

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy posted 2007-01-24 by Tony Houlihan from Windermere, Westmorland, England

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy

you can race in it train in it and have apicnic in it and its a really good bot and its got everything that you need

Comment on The Mirror Dinghy posted 2006-12-26 by tom lovesey from southampton