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Nelson's Column

Our greatest hero

Nelson was quintessentially an Englishman, a naval officer, and a man beloved by all who came to know him. What greater tribute can be paid then the acknowledgement that he saved his country, served his sailers and officers well, honoured his king, and loved too well - and perhaps unwisely. This was a man! Let us acknowledge the greatest Englishman of all....

Comment on Nelson's Column posted 2006-05-03 by Janis from En

Comment on Nelson's Column

nelson was one o0f this countrys greatesr heros ,testament to that is his coloum.

Comment on Nelson's Column posted 2006-05-01 by susan carrell from south yorkshire

Comment on Nelson's Column

Nelson was a true hero - not a saint - he was flawed and imperfect - but Napoleon had declared "If I can be master of the seas for six hours, England will cease to exist". Nelson's courage, seamanship and leadership preserved our liberties in 1805 as surely as Winston Churchill's leadership in 1940. Nelson was the best friend the ordinary seaman ever had - he loved and served them as they loved and served him. Long may he remain on his column, looking down Whitehall to the Admiralty -- still keeping an eye on the fleet!

Comment on Nelson's Column posted 2006-02-07 by anna from Somerset

Comment on Nelson's Column

Because it's instantly recognisable world-wide. We had the Trafalgar anniversary celebrations last year and should be perpetuating his memory - it's arguable that without Nelson we wouldn't be the nation we are.

Comment on Nelson's Column posted 2006-01-20 by Ann Heaps from Dorking, Surrey

Comment on Nelson's Column

without Nelson we would be speaking french

Comment on Nelson's Column posted 2006-01-19 by tony from London

Comment on Nelson's Column

It is the place where the British meet and come together in times of crisis and in times of great celebration. It represents the joining together of a nation. It also celebrates the greatest naval victory of all time and the life of arguably the greatest Briton, Lord Nelson. He epitomised the true British characteristic of fair play by insisting his men showed magnanimity in victory.

Comment on Nelson's Column posted 2006-01-18 by John Elliott from Bristol