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NHS Glasses

Comment on NHS Glasses

www.deadmensspex.com always have a fair few in stock in all the different colours.

Comment on NHS Glasses posted 2008-07-09 by Darren from West Midlands

Comment on NHS Glasses

Abi, Retrospecs of St Albans, England, have a huge range of frames in the old NHS styles. I too have looked for a long time for some of these and ordered only yesterday. They have the frame you are looking for at 67. (http://www.retrospecs.co.uk/catalogue/retro_nhs_glasses_glasses/)

Comment on NHS Glasses posted 2007-11-20 by Stuart from UK

how to get a pair of NHS Glasses in indonesia?

I really love NHS glasses, but I'm only able to admire them off the internet or televison as here in Indonesia it's really hard to find them. I've been looking for NHS glasses for the last 3 years, and still can't find any - second-hand or new. If anyone could tell me where I could get my hands on a pair of NHS 524MERX1 in Black, I'd really appreciate it. ([email protected])

Comment on NHS Glasses posted 2007-08-01 by Abi from Jakarta, Indonesia

Comment on NHS Glasses

'Yes we still have stocks of these & as one of the only frame makers left in this wonderful industrial country (sic) make copies in any size/colour'. see them at www.operaopera.net

Comment on NHS Glasses posted 2007-07-12 by Arun from Covent Garden, London