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Oxford Cityscape

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Oxford Cityscape

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Oxford Cityscape

From any direction the skyline of Oxford is pretty stunning. Nearly every architectural style since the 11th century is represented in the higgledy-piggledy collection of pinnacles, domes and spires that make up this famous silhouette. You can pick out the dome of the Radcliffe Camera, the cupola of Tom Tower in Christ Church, Carfax Tower and the tallest spire which belongs to the Church of St Mary the Virgin, but it is the countless tiny details that make this a totally unique sight. So important are the “dreaming spires” (poet Matthew Arnold called them that, by the way) to the image of Oxford that planning permission depends not only on the look of your building at street level, but also the effect it will have on the skyline. Just like England itself, where layer upon layer of history piles together, Oxford’s skyline is changing and absorbing new influences all the time. The latest major addition is the ziggurat, a copper-clad, stepped tower for the Said Business School bringing a hint of Eastern influence to an already fantastically eclectic mix.

Image: Topfoto.co.uk


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As is seen by its architecture, for 1,000 years it has been the hub of research, education, arts and industry - (and, since Inspector Morse, crime fiction)

angie Johnson

This wonderful building set in the heart of Oxford, the home of the 'dreaming spires' is a sight to behold. It is both functional, as a library to the University of Oxford and also spectacular as a aesthetic and architectural feature.
John Ellis



My nomination is the garden shed.