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Pickles the Dog

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Pickles the Dog

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Pickles the Dog

Sir Alf Ramsay’s England team were not the only national footballing heroes of 1966. There was also Pickles, without whom there may not have been a trophy for Bobby Moore and teammates to lift that summer.

The Jules Rimet trophy had been stolen while on public display at an exhibition in Westminster in March. A hue-and-cry in the press led to a nationwide search for the cup, with then FA chairman Joe Mears receiving threatening demands for money to ensure its safe return.

One Sunday evening a week later, a Mr David Corbett was out walking his dog, Pickles, in the Beulah Hill district of south-east London, when Pickles’ attention was caught by a mysterious, newspaper-wrapped package lying under a bush in somebody’s garden. It was the World Cup. Mr Corbett may have received the reward of £5000, but the national renown has rightly been held ever since by the finder himself.


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The Jules Rimet trophy was stolen from an exhibition display just prior to the 1966 World Cup. Despite a frantic countrywide search, it was simply ‘sniffed out’ from under some bushes in London by a dog called Pickles.

Christopher Kilcourse



I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer