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Pimm's No 1

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Pimm's No 1

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Pimm's No 1

What English summer could possibly be complete without a jug of Pimm's? Make it with a generous glug of Pimm’s, top with fizzy lemonade and add sliced cucumber and orange. Then pour it into tall glasses with plenty of ice and add the obligatory spring of mint.

James Pimm, the landlord of an oyster bar in London, began serving his gin-based health tonic in the early 1840s in tankards, when it became known as a Pimm’s No. 1 Cup. He began marketing it commercially in 1859, and it soon took off in fashionable society. Made from gin, bitters and herbs, and still manufactured in the UK, the recipe is said to be known by just six people in the world.

After the second world war, the product range was expanded to six – Pimm’s No 2 was made from whisky, No 3 from brandy, No 4 from rum, No 5 from rye and No 6 from vodka. Of these, only the No 6 survives today, alongside its more dominant sibling, but there is also a Pimm's Winter Cup for Christmas festivities.

Photo: Jane Cockman


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It wouldn't be summer without Pimms!

Katy Morris

Pimm's is the quintessential English drink. No event on the English social calendar is complete without a jug of Pimm's and lemonade. An altogether fruity, refreshing, wonderful drink.
Sean Beresford

Quite simply there?s nothing like feeling the grass between your toes, eating strawberries lashed with cream, watching the chaps in their spats on the village green from a deck chair. All whilst imbibing a delectable Pimms No1 mixed with 3 parts Lemonade and garnished extravagantly with whatever was in the fruit bowl. A touch prim - possibly; a smidgen proper ? well maybe. But we?d invite you to our BBQ garden party as soon as look at you. Our glasses of Pimms are perennially half full and everyone leaves with a smile ? guaranteed. Lager you say? I wouldn?t touch that filthy Germanic swill, not for Clarkson?s Aston Martin and a night with Joanna Lumley. Anyone for Pimm?s? Anyone?
Matthew Hunt

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry