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Pinewood Studios

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Pinewood Studios

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Pinewood Studios

Befitting its location at the site of Heatherden Hall, an opulent Victorian country house in Buckinghamshire, Pinewood Studios is where some of British cinema’s most visually extravagant films have been shot. Despite a slow start in the 1930s, Pinewood came into its own after the second world war when cinema giants such as David Lean and Powell and Pressburger chose to work here, making masterpieces such as Black Narcissus.

Pinewood has a strong association with heroes and superheroes of the fictional kind, too. The James Bond franchise has its home here and both Superman and Batman first sallied forth in their big screen incarnations from its studios. In more down-to-earth fashion, Pinewood was also the back drop to the Carry On films, nominated as an Icon in their own right. In 2001, Pinewood merged with Shepperton Studios, a move that seems to have given both studios a new lease of life and has helped Pinewood to remain at the forefront of film technology, including the construction of a new underwater stage.

Photo: Images Copyright Pinewood Shepperton Plc www.pinewoodgroup.com


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This famous film studio is the centrepiece of the world renowned British film industry. Many famous films have been made here including the James Bond films.

Alex Naughton



My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry