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Comment on Plimsolls

Actually the plimsoll was created by John Boyd Dunlop in 1870, the modern 'Green Flash' can be traced back to that date - so I agree - it's a true English icon.

Comment on Plimsolls posted 2008-02-15 by Daniel Durnin from Oxford

Comment on Plimsolls

How can they be an English icon if they're American? They look like Keds to me...

Comment on Plimsolls posted 2008-01-10 by blondie from UK

Comment on Plimsolls

I would like to know where i can buy the plimsolls in the picture, they are lovely! I live in the UK so can i buy them online?

Comment on Plimsolls posted 2006-10-30 by Roz from London

Comment on Plimsolls

Well, these Plimsolls , with blue canvas, sometimes white, were used at the same time also at Swedish schools and in the Army. They were manufactured by the firm Three Towers (Sw. Tre Torn). Well, these facts contribute little of interest to the British readers. More interesting might be the answer to the following question. Is there possibly any causal relation between the name of this type of shoe and Mr. Samuel Plimsoll who in 1877 managed to persuade the British Parliament to amend the 1871 Merchant Shipping Act? The amendment provided for the marking of a line on a ship's sides which would disappear below the water line if the ship was overloaded.

Comment on Plimsolls posted 2006-05-21 by Carljohan Soderquist from Lund, Sweden

Comment on Plimsolls

Who could forget BATA - the firm that made many a plimsoll with their enormous factory in Tilbury in Essex (near Grays). In the 1950's when I was a child my parents bought these as alternative to expensive leather shoes, ideal for growing kids. And yes, I too, was beaten with a plimsoll at school.

Comment on Plimsolls posted 2006-01-24 by Robin E Wild from Weston-super-Mare