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Polish War Memorial

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Polish War Memorial

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Polish War Memorial

As our nominator points out, the Polish War Memorial in Ruislip, west London, often features in traffic reports of snarl-ups on the A40. It is situated next to the roundabout at the junction where the A40 joins the A4180, and is the obvious landmark after which the roundabout is named, in both radio reports and on road-signs.

The Memorial has rather greater significance than marking a road junction, though. Located not far from the RAF airfield at Northolt, it was put up to commemorate the distinguished and vital contribution that Polish airmen made to the British war effort. Along with Canadian comrades, many were stationed at Northolt, a critical centre of operations during the Battle of Britain in 1940. Indeed, they made up a whole Polish wing of the RAF, 303 Squadron, which was collectively responsible for the greatest tally of enemy planes downed in those crucial months.

Next time you’re stuck in solid traffic near the A40 roundabout, take note of the Polish War Memorial. Our country owes much to those whom it commemorates.

Picture provided by, and copyright to, Ruislip Online.


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You may not know why there is a Polish war memorial in west London but, with it being a star of the traffic reports, it is likely that you know there is one. And don't forget it has a direct connection with Northolt Aerodrome and the Battle of Britain.

Simon Roguszka

Putting sentiment aside, why do people in the south east think a Memorial only mentioned in LOCAL traffic news could possibly be an English Icon? Please remember most English people are sensible and lucky enough to NOT have to live in the most congested part of England, and we have no interest in your traffic news. If I suggest the German War cemetry on Cannock Chase here in Staffordshire as an Icon you might understand why the Polish Wart Memorial is a vacuous, pointless nomination. Harold

Seems we forget all to often , the Polish allies who provided crucial and much needed support to GB during the war - Ironic that todays Polish immigrants are now providing the UK with the much needed tradesmen that we have failed to train in recent years. Consider their loyalty, their support and the hardships that they suffered not just during the wars but under the communist rule. If the only price we have had to pay is the traffic jams around the memorial - then thats terrific value !! So, if your short of a qualified, polite and efficient tradesman - Seek out your nearest eastern european immigrant - The Polish one will not let you down. 50+ years on maybe it time we offered our support to the Poles to help them build the solid economy that they deserve.
Lia Richardson

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My nomination is the garden shed.