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Proms (including the Last Night)

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Proms (including the Last Night)

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Proms (including the Last Night)

The “Proms” are a series of classical music concerts held in the Albert Hall every year. The strange name is an abbreviation of the word “promenade” meaning “strolling” because the venue has a large standing area in the middle of it and you are free to move about – if you can find the space! The Last Night of the Proms is the most popular of the series, and is broadcast on TV and radio – as well as into public parks and squares across the country. The programme for the Last Night is always familiar classical pieces and a series of patriotic, sing-a-long English favourites. Among the most famous are “Jerusalem”, “Land of Hope and Glory” and “Rule Britannia”. The Promenaders get into the spirit with flag-waving, fancy dress and generally jovial behaviour. Not quite your typical classical concert then...

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The series of Promenade Concerts is absolutely unique in the world. It is loved both by performers and by those who attend. The Last Night of the Proms is famous worldwide and is replicated over and over again across the country and the world (but never equalled). Broadcast by the BBC and many other radio stations all over the world, it is heard by an audience of many millions

Andrew Gosden

It is quintessentially English ...mixing traditional and modern; overt enthusiasm with quiet contemplation; proper respect with healthy disrespect; high culture with abject eccentricity; watching and listening with active participation; exclusivity with inclusiveness; discipline with disorder; stiff upper lip with real emotion; seriousness with enormous humour and fun. Nothing says 'English' better.
Carol Friend

An annual institution that has been going for a long time, is supported by another English Icon (- the BBC), hosted in another English Icon (- the Albert Hall) and is an international draw because there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world . Yes it's jingo-istic with its celebration of mainly English composers, but it remains popular ( and in recent years has spawned the Proms in the Park(s) events around the whole of the UK.
James Wilson

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I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England