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Comment on Punk

Today the music which is called punk, eg Green Day is a misnomer. I believe the period 1976-82 produced the greatest music, the most innovative musicians & the most excitement the British music scene will ever experience, although of course the Sixties were fairly good. Yeah, it was partly influenced by events in the US, but that was a different scene & everyone needs an influence to get going. The range of stuff being produced in this period is incredible, especially if u count all the underground/cassette artists that no-one respectable ever talks about as well. When I play music I listen to this era: if it is not, then it is the stuff that influenced it or the bands that have emerged out of it since, in their newer versions. There is good contemporary music about, but, like I said respectable people do not talk about it in the main media. And it is incredible how many of the composers from that era are still producing amazing stuff.

Comment on Punk posted 2006-08-17 by Andrew D Scott from Bristol

Comment on Punk

Garage Rock, The Velvet Underground, Iggy... THEN came the Sex Pistols (as influenced by the Stooges as anything else)... "Sorry" punks it started in the very troubled land of the USA. Maybe it was "refined" in the UK but... Awww! Who cares?

Comment on Punk posted 2006-04-28 by Steve Fitzpatrick from Athens, GA, USA

Comment on Punk

I think that Punk was created in England. However, United States (Is wrong to say America because America is the whole continent) have made it famous.

Comment on Punk posted 2006-04-06 by Mariana Ramón from Puebla, México

Comment on Punk

Punk started in America, punk.

Comment on Punk posted 2006-02-17 by Chris from uk

Comment on Punk

As punk music was originaly started by the sex pistols who are all british in 1976. i think that this should be known, as punk music has changed the face of this nation in many ways.

Comment on Punk posted 2006-02-16 by Laura from Durham

Comment on Punk

A truly English phenomenon, which highlights English eccentricity. Echos of the Movement are seen to this day in Music, Fashion, Art, Hair-styles, Media, and attitudes all over the World.

Comment on Punk posted 2006-01-20 by Pat Walters from North London

Comment on Punk Rock

Punk rock is viewed (rightly or wrongly) the world over as a quintessentially British youth cult. It changed the face of the 70s from the drab world of disco and self indulgent guitar heroes into an exciting place to live and continues to have a place in music and street culture to this day. The image of punk rockers sitting at famous London landmarks has made its way onto tourist postcards - surely an indication of iconic status. England's dreaming......

Comment on Punk posted 2006-01-19 by Nath haywire from southampton