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Radio Caroline

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Radio Caroline

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Radio Caroline

In 1964, Irish music biz entrepreneur Ronan O’Rahilly found himself constantly frustrated by not getting air time for the bands he represented. He thought he’d take advantage of some legal loopholes to establish his own radio station, broadcasting from a ship three miles out to sea, just outside of British jurisdiction.

Radio Caroline was unique as an all-day music station enjoying complete freedom to play what it liked. It was an instant success. Within six months the station had amassed more listeners than all three of the BBC networks combined, which didn’t amuse the authorities. The station sank numerous times (often literally), but always resurfaced. Bad weather made people quit, bad playlists made others quit, lack of food and fresh water made people quit… but no one was ever fired, and they have continued to broadcast in their own inimitable style.


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It paved the way for commercial radio in the UK and is still loved by thousands of people throughout the world.

James Burke

Radio Caroline changed the way we listened to radio thank goodness . Caroline has given us good music and pressenters since 1964 , and is still doing so .
tommy johnson

Because they were so important for the British popculture.

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I believe rice, peas and jerk chicken is an Icon of England.

Ade Adeluwoye