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Recreational walkers

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Recreational walkers

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Recreational walkers

According to the Ramblers Association, 77% of UK adults say they walk for fun at least once a month. In 2001, 65.5 million domestic tourist trips across the UK encompassed walking for recreation. Seven million visitors “stretch their legs” in the British countryside every weekend, so says the Countryside Agency. The popularity of this gentle form of exercise remains constant for men and women, young and old. Where are we going for all of these walks? And aren’t our dogs exhausted?

Walking in England is a treat, if we discount the strong probability that it will be raining at the time you set out. The diversity of the English countryside and the proximity of areas of natural beauty to even the heart of England’s biggest cities make it an easy, potentially inspiring, and – if you so desire – bracing, activity to engage in.  To read a rambler's diary of walking Hadrian's Wall, click here.

There are plenty of organisations and publications to help you choose an area to explore, not get lost and not upset any landowners. So get off your computer and get out there!

Photo: Maria Gibbs


Your comments

do the people of any other country spend so much time walking the hills and valleys of the countryside? and why DO the English always tuck their trousers into their socks when out walking???

Trevor Owen

The existence of Public Rights of Ways and the Ordnance Survey mark us out as a nation of country walkers. This is a pastime enjoyed by all ages and is classless.
Bill Edwards

We live in a crowded island and the network of public footpaths allow all of us to have access to our beautiful and peaceful countryside and get away from our otherwise crowded and rushed existence. Going for a country walk across stiles and through gates, with an Ordnance Survey map in hand, guided by the public footpath signs is a wonderfully English experience. And it is a way to find a great excuse to visit that other English icon, the country pub!
John Culley

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer