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Richard Sharpe portrayed by Sean Bean

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Richard Sharpe portrayed by Sean Bean

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Richard Sharpe portrayed by Sean Bean

Sean Bean (the most gorgeous Englishman alive today), and his vivid portrayal of a fictional English hero during the Napoleonic Wars, brought the wars alive for millions. Others obviously agree since Sean is even filming a new "Sharpe" movie now. Admit it, you're a Sharpe fan too.

Susan Oyer


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What can I say? Richard Sharpe is a fantastic character. Sean Bean IS Richard Sharpe. I have become addicted to the series.
Anne Robinson

I agree with Andy - I'll definitely vote for Richard Sharpe as an icon of British identity . . . but as handsome as Sean Bean is, I don't think HE would want to be considered an icon of any ilk! The Sharpe series, both book and film, do provide a fascinating and creative look at a period in British history to which a great deal of the modern British character can be traced - and they do it not only with flair but also with more than a brief nod to historical accuracy (more than can be said for many popular series).

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My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry