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Rolling Stones Tongue Logo

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Rolling Stones Tongue Logo

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Rolling Stones Tongue Logo

The big red mouth with its protruding tongue has been the official logo of the longest-serving rock-and-roll band in the world since 1971. It was the work of London graphic designer John Pasche, and first appeared on the inner sleeve and label of the Stones’ album of that year, Sticky Fingers, following the foundation of their own record label, Rolling Stones Records.

Famous throughout the world, the logo combines the various elements of the band’s image. It is at once an insolent tongue stuck out at authority and a lustful panting tongue, as well as standing of course for the legendary mouth of Mick Jagger. Pasche recalls that the inspiration came from an image of the Hindu goddess Kali. He was paid the princely sum of £50 for his work at the time, but received the generous supplement of an extra £200 a couple of years later, in acknowledgement of the success of the design.

The group themselves now own the copyright, but in 2006, Pasche sold the original artwork for the logo for £400,000.


Your comments

This logo is representative of the popularity of British rock-n-roll and an era in which British artists dominated the rock charts. It also represents a side of England that is somewhat less “proper.”

Susan Bacerra

What does the Rolling Stones tongue logo mean to me? It means individual talent unified and magnified. That radical tongue symbolises the free spirit and expression that their music is known for. There hasn't been, nor do I forsee any other band of comparable rank. It's not a coincidence that they have not faded out as many artists of their time have. The Stones have been my favorite band since I was a little girl. Their music speaks volumes to an eclectic range of ages, races and personalities. I regret to say that I haven't been able to attend a concert yet as the many years I have tried tickets have been sold out. One of my ten goals to accomplish in my lifetime is to see them in concert.
Vanessa L. Bummara

It means a lot. I was born in 1962 when the band just started out. I was born in Lima, Peru and the Stone's music gave me the chance to discover that there was a BIG world outside of my world for me to explore as a young man. I now live in the USA where my family and I go and see the band live as often as possible. These amazing guys are still at the top of their game - showing these new bands how to do things! I love the band so much I even have a montage of the Tongue logo (8 feet by 9 feet) made out of tiles in my house in Peru. And here in Miami I have an even bigger tongue (16 by 18 feet) in the form of a painting. I'm not crazy! But I'm proud to have the Stone's logo as part of my life - the band is such an important part of my history and life. The only thing left for me to aspire to is meeting the band in real life.
Yuri Olivari

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer