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Royal Mail

Comment on Royal Mail

The local and central Post Office is a truly British Institution and part of our way of life, social structure, and economic well being. The Post Office is a local manifestation of the truly British Royal Mail Service, also nominated. The one we have grown to love and trust with our personal and business communications. For rural and suburban England the Post Office is a central part of functioning in a wider world. In many countries you have to travel to big cities to get anything like this service, but it is not the same, cos its not British. I partly want to nominate the Post Office because it is so under threat from the EU directives against its apparent monopoly. I would defend it by saying that it has been a serious and welcome National service and asset to England, much like other Nationalised Industries. Yes they might not be fully profitable at times, but they have been major creators of employment and elements of the infrastructure of the nation. And they don't cost nearly as much as the 40billion pounds per annum for joining the EU or paying Vat, which is most unBritish.

Comment on Royal Mail posted 2008-07-16 by Roy Victor Harvey from Rugby, England. CV21 1EG

Comment on Royal Mail

Yes the Royal Mail and Post Office are essentially British. A serious, reliable, trustworthy part of our culture. It is a central point of business, communication and social service to many communities, and it began here. It is immitated in many countries, but without the Britishness it is not the same 'Royal trustworthy service.'

Comment on Royal Mail posted 2008-07-14 by Roy Victor Harvey from Rugby, England. CV21 1EG

Comment on Royal Mail

This is one of the universal icons that everyone in England can identify with. It has that unforgettable sign that everyone recognises, it is the social hub of many villages (during the day) and it rolls into one many things that you associate with Engalnd: the pillar box, queuing, etc.

Comment on Royal Mail posted 2007-03-16 by Davinder Dosanjh from Oxford

Comment on Royal Mail

English Royal post is famous for its high speed and top-quality!

Comment on Royal Mail posted 2007-02-16 by Safonova Vlada from Kazakhstan

Comment on Royal Mail

Born in the age of the Empire and Queen Victoria with the 'penny post', each stamp bearing the reigning monarch's head, to the familiar red collection and delivery vans, and the matching red Pillar Box, again with the reigning monarch's insignia and next collection time plate. Imitated throughout the World and now opened to deregulation, but quintessentially a British Icon.

Comment on Royal Mail posted 2007-01-26 by Francis Pullen from cambridge, cambs