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Royal Navy

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Royal Navy

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Royal Navy

Known as the senior service, the Royal Navy is the oldest of Britain's three armed forces. From the 1690s until the second world war, Britannia did indeed rule the waves, with the biggest, most powerful navy in the world. It is still the largest in western Europe.

Alfred the Great founded England's first navy in the ninth century. The Navy Royal was created by Henry VIII, and its first major victory came with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. By 1945, the Royal Navy comprised nearly 900 warships and 866,000 serving personnel.

The current Royal family has a long tradition of naval service – Earl Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York have all been among its officers. The Queen, one of whose titles is Lord High Admiral, is the Navy's head.


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It is part of our history and heritage, the navy and the sea repersent Britain as a Naval power. We are seen as the rulers of the waves, we have the battle of traflagar and the spanish Armarda to thank for this.

Richard Smart

Look at the superb role our Navy is playing today in the Lebanon evacuations. Lets make sure our governments now and in future keep investing in it...it makes us different to most and any aspiration to World influence is undeliverable without it.
Bernard Edwards

The Royal Navy is an icon of the UK. The Scottish Navy's history was arguably less illustrious than the English Navy's (with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588), while they were under separate monarchies, before England accepted the Scottish Royal succession in 1603. However, Scottish naval history is just as long, if not longer than that of the navy in England. Indeed, the Royal Navy's own website refers to the first recorded sea battles around these shores being between factions of the Dalriata (a Kingdom of Scotland) in 719. It also refers to Henry VIII establishing the Navy Royal as a response to King James IV of Scotland's impressive navy, which included the Great Michael. And the Royal Navy vessels with the greatest firepower (the Trident Submarines) are based in Scotland.

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I nominate the English weather.