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Salad Cream

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Salad Cream

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Salad Cream

Where others make do with mere mayonnaise, England has salad cream. The very name refuses all foreign borrowings, baldly declaring its function. Just as we shave with shaving cream, so we have salad cream to dollop on our lettuce and cucumber. In 1999, its first manufacturer and brand leader Heinz announced that the time had come to screw the top back on the jar for good. Salad cream, introduced in 1914, had been superseded by more sophisticated tastes. Howls of anguish worldwide greeted the decision. So pitiful were the lamentations of those who couldn’t imagine any sort of sandwich or jacket potato without it that the product was granted a reprieve.

For those who have yet to discover it, salad cream is not junk. It contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, but is a blend of oil, egg yolk and seasonings, just like – well, mayonnaise. Having rescued it for posterity, Heinz is now encouraging consumers to “think outside the bottle – it’s not just for salads”.

Photo: Maria Gibbs


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Because nothing tastes better on a floppy green lettuce and a sliced beetroot. Cross and Blackwell, of course! Yum!

Liz Laino



I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England