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South Downs

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South Downs

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South Downs

You don’t need the Countryside Agency to tell you that the South Downs encompass several Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Just take a look for yourself. Huge skies preside over gently rolling hills, tranquil woods and chalky grasslands giving way to sparkling sea and chalky cliffs. Extending between Winchester to Eastbourne, taking in parts of Hampshire and of both Sussexes, the South Downs are a place of quiet contemplation and for moving at a gentle pace. Sheep and cattle have been grazing here for more than 4,000 years – the grassy, wildlife-rich landscape is very much a result of them munching away over the centuries. As you wander you will come across wildflowers with wonderful names such as Lady’s Bedstraw, Ribwort Plantain and Burnet Saxifrage, or you might be lucky enough to spot a Green Hairstreak Butterfly, a Treecreeper or a Great-Crested Newt. Experience one of the quintessential English landscapes today!


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I nominate the South Downs

Eddie Izzard

Because it is a superb example of natural beauty running the length of south-east England, offering wonderful wildlife and great opportunities for walking and relaxing from the hubbub of everyday life.
Christopher Bowers

I have been lucky enough to be taken horse riding on the South Downs and it is the most amazing contrast to modern city life that you can imagine.Walking the horses along deserted bridle paths and looking out over the countryside shrouded in the palest pink mist at a spring sunset is breathtaking. I could almost imagine that i had slipped back in time a couple of hundred years ....... it's like a pilgrimage to an ancient and more sustainable way of living.
dawn smith

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I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England