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King Charles Spaniels

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King Charles Spaniels

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King Charles Spaniels

It is often said that a man’s best friend is his dog. Never was this truer than in the case of King Charles II and his beloved “comforte” dogs. A disputed story says that the king even decreed that the spaniels must be allowed to go into any public place they chose, including the Houses of Parliament. We don't, however, advise taking your King Charles with you when you go to meet your MP!

With their large brown eyes, silky fur and floppy ears, these beautiful dogs feature as essential accessories to their aristocratic sitters in portraits by Titian, Van Dyck, Gainsborough and Stubbs. They are useful for keeping laps warm in the chilly English climate and for keeping the fleas busy so they leave the people alone.

The King Charles Spaniel is a native English breed whose history has been documented since the fifteenth century and some would say it has many of the characteristics of its countrymen: affectionate but reserved, easy to train, a moderate tendency to bark but useless as a guard dog, and pretty good with children and the elderly!

Image: TopFoto.co.uk


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Dogs and Royalty. Both Mad.

iannis carras

Can I just tell you you are talking about King Charles Spanials but showing pictures of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels please get your facts right..... there are two breeds
Mea Askins

Sadly the tale about the Act of Parliament is a myth... Contrary to popular rumour, there is no Act of Parliament referring to King Charles spaniels being allowed anywhere in the Palace of Westminster. We are often asked this question and have thoroughly researched it. The House of Commons Information Office Factsheet G7 ?Some Traditions and Customs of the House? ? states that ?Dogs, except guide dogs, are not generally allowed in the Palace of Westminster.? There is no evidence whatsoever, that spaniels have ever been officially exempt from this rule, and any dogs which have been resident in the palace with their owners were confined to private apartments, such as the Speaker's or Lord Chancellor's residences, and not permitted free run through the palace. source: http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_publications_and_archives/parliamentary_archives/archives___faqs.cfm#spaniels
Mark Slater

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My nomination is the garden shed.