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Speed Cameras

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Speed Cameras

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Speed Cameras

Speed cameras, one of the fastest spreading technologies in England. You and I might define them as sneaky little devices designed to catch us out at possibly ill-advised but certainly infrequent (honest, officer) moments of high-spirited high speeds. The forces of authority might define them as “safety cameras”, sensibly enough, as their avowed purpose is to deter drivers from dangerously high speeds at identified problem areas on the nation’s roads. Speed cameras are highly controversial and attacks on them regularly make the news. One of the main concerns is that their primary function could be seen as raising money from the fines on drivers and not road safety. The Road Safety lobby have battle-lines drawn with the Motoring lobby on every issue concerning the cameras, with politicians nervously treading the minefield in between. Cameras proliferated after 2001 and there are now thought to be about 6,000 across the country, generating a staggering £100 million in fines each year. Gives us all plenty to moan about, despite having some of the safest roads in the world...

Photo: Maria Gibbs


Your comments

Well they are everywhere and we lead the world in the technology. We should be proud of that.


We all love speed cameras ! They keep us on our toes journeying too and from work and provide some well needed revenue for our marvellous government !
Paul Yeomans



My favourite Icon of England has to be the Cornish Pasty.

Ian Baldry