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Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

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Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Is this an icon?


Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Not for those with vertigo, Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower is making a pretty speedy claim to iconic status – it only opened on 18th October 2005! (We won’t dwell on the hold-ups which have delayed the official opening for five years...) This incredibly tall tower (170m – that’s 3 Nelson’s Columns on top of each other) is shaped like a billowing sail on a ship, linking it with the historic harbour that it towers above. You can go up to the top in the high speed lift, or if you’re feeling brave, in the glass lift on the outside of the tower. You can stop at one of three levels, each with different things to explore. The glass floor makes you feel like you are walking in the air, the telescopes can transport you back in time, and you can let the brisk sea breeze mess up your hair at the very top! Certainly a striking and original landmark for the South Coast which is worth a visit – but is it an icon yet?

Photo © Atmosphere Picture Library / Alamy


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Besides being a beautiful structure, the tower will help to attract more visitors into the city

Jane Utting

I presumes its an icon becasue it was over budget and 5 years late so represents all modern English building projects
colin shearring

I am a photographer and was fortunate to be able to photograph the construction of the tower from beginning to end. It has already brought work to the area with its construction and is now pulling in the crowds to Gunwharf Quays and Portsmouth
Chris Brunnen

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I think the National Gallery is part of the heritage of England