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Swanage Bay, Dorset

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Swanage Bay, Dorset

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Swanage Bay, Dorset

This sandy bay in Dorset, part of the county’s "Jurassic Coast", has been a popular place for traditional family beach holidays since they were invented. But geologists love it just as much for its mix of Purbeck limestone, Wealden strata, dinosaur remains and fossil molluscs dating from the Cretaceous era.

Another talking point in Swanage Bay is the Alfred Monument next to the Mowlem Theatre — both established by local construction magnate John Mowlem. The pillar commemorates Alfred the Great’s victory against the Vikings in AD877, when 120 enemy ships foundered at Peveril Point. The monument is topped by Russian cannonballs fired at British ships during the Crimean War.

Another Swanage monument, the Wellington Clock Tower, features neither a statue of the Duke of Wellington, nor a clock…

Photo: Chris Wright  www.flickr.com/photos/wrightee


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With its curving sandy beach, beach huts, Punch and Judy show, a pier visited by tourist boats, ice-creams and fish and chips, Swanage is an icon of the British family holiday.

Jude Leyman

I am doing my school project on Swanage Bay and all the other interesting points on Dorsets coast and, in my opinion, Swanage Bay is the best by far, it's beautiful!

Swanage Bay on the Dorset coast is the topic of my project I'm doing for Geography. My teacher is making the lesson fun. We had to do a leaflet about Swange Bay and by doing it, I've learnt a lot and I got a 5b wich is really good.

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I nominate the red pillar box.

Donna Spencer